Pre Grad School Summer Reading List- The SLP edition 

After being accepted to Graduate School this year, 

 -I can imagine like everyone- 

I went to the forum boards to find out what I could do to prepare.

I think most, for the most part,  are over achievers and will  do anything and everything to have a leg up on our course work. 

The ambiguity and suspense of it all serves as the driving force. 

What should we be doing? 

Should we be reading?

Should we be working more?

Should we be learning something? AHHHHHHHHH


Well after hours of scurrying , going through grad cafe forums and talking to current and former students  they all seemed to have one big message.


Well, that was uneventful.


That’s really hard to do if you’ve been working your butt off like I have to get into graduate school.

It’s really hard to do. 

I did find that there were a lot of book suggestions to read before starting and books that were assigned in graduate courses. 

Finally an activity that fills my need to do something and simultaneously serves to RELAX me. 

I begin my journey to relaxation and  compiled a list,  so far Its been great and definitely insightful. I am actually learning things too, even if it’s how to better relate to future clients. 

So drum roll please!

Here is the list of books I am reading this summer in no particular order.

Schuyler’s Monster: A Father’s Journey with His Wordless Daughter by St. Martin’s Griffin

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: A Memoir of Life in Death by Jean Dominique Bauby 

Where is the Mango Princess? A Journey Back from Brain Injury by Cathy Crimmins

Look me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s by John Elder Robinson 

So far I’ve finished ” Where is the Mango Princess?” and started “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”. 

 I’ll be posting follow-up blogs on each novel with some tad bits and reviews. 

So far, “Where is the Mango princess?” has served as an insight into a patient’s and his families perspective and journey with TBI! 


What I’ve been up to since being accepted


Well not nothing-yes thats a double negative which would mean I did something but what I really mean is nothing, or anything or whatever. Just really nothing exciting, waiting for GA’s stink.

Ive been trying to apply, I got a new job , well I should say jobs….lol yes Jobs. One at a local coffee shop-The little red fox. ITS AMAZING. The other walking dogs through Wag, this an addition to my regular sort of part time job as a Nanny.

All which I’ve learned so much at , the other two jobs-coffee shop and dog walking- are just to save some money this summer for some pre-reqs I’ve yet to complete-neuroanatomy and HESP 417-kill me now.

They both have been such fun and really good for my spirit. Ive practically exhausted, sometimes Ill walk for three hours with these dogs, its a good workout and I am on my feet working at the coffee shop. Running after a three year old and four year old also add to that, no wonder I am tired. lol. I just realized how physically exhausting these jobs are.

I want to write about this book that I’ve read, it was a suggestion I found surfing the web on what to do before going to grad school-I told you I had no idea what I should be doing besides nothing.

It seems like you work so hard to get in, and you work and work and then BAM. There is nothing to do after and you feel like you should be doing something, but there is nothing to do but wait and it becomes unbearable so you fill you time with other useless tasks.

I think that is also why I haven’t been writing-the avoidance of this nothingness.

So while I wait Ive 1. Gotten some side jobs and 2. INTENSELY googled what I should be doing besides nothing.

I started a new Instagram for all the beautiful dogs I walk-its nice to catalogue them into my memory somehow, as lame as it sounds I do remember them all. I have a big soft spot for furry friends. I really love WAG , and I KNOW I SHOULD SAY THAT-along with my discount code if you want 20.00 free in credits ROSY5278- but seriously, its been great. It gives me the flexibility to work when I want, I get to exercise and I get to spend time with these love bugs who GET SO excited to see me. Its really great.

The coffee shop has also been amazing, its great to work for a place that stands for everything you believe in. Great food thats locally sourced and organic, great coffee that is viewed as the holy grail and great people with a sense of community. Its down the street from where I currently live and I see my neighbors in there and say HEY I saw you down the street or HEY my kids play with your kids. The responses have been great and its good to know that we have amazing products that everyone believes in and that this is what your selling. I think I can say for me and everyone that we are all very passionate about LRF-Little Red Fox and I love working there and the sense of commodity that we have.

I also want to write about funding in general for school-its been something that I’ve had to google a lot and find out about. I have a meeting with my mentor soon and I am going to pick her brain to see what I can find out. Getting funded is really difficult as is. I am applying for Graduate assistantships through our school website so hopefully something will come to fruition.