C’est Moi


Thanks for stumbling upon my page, I am blogging as therapy-mostly, and to chronologically categorize my life.

I am an incoming first year speech and language graduate student at the University of Maryland College Park.

I’ve been in the DC area for a year now, previously lived in Baltimore and before that spent some time in Beautiful Mobile, Alabama. I was born in Winnipeg, MB, one of the coldest places-yes, we have blizzards and no we don’t live in igloos- and then I moved to the place I know call home- Dallas, Texas.

My husband is a third year neurology resident at Georgetown University, his medical career has sponsored our trips around the country. We are hoping to finally settle down in Dallas after we both finish our schooling.



This is Zoee (left) and Leelu, both sweet girls that were rescued from our local shelters. Leelu from the SPCA in Dallas and Zoee from the Daphne Animal shelter. Both are very loved and  very spoiled. #dogmom


This was taken on one of the happiest days of my life. My husband Mazen is about to be a third year neurology resident. He matched to Washington, DC so we made the move so he could complete his training.  He was born in Dallas and is a true texan boy, he loves it when its over 90 degrees ,practices neurology and is a huge nerd like me.  We both believe in supporting local business and in sustainable food. You can find us exploring the food scene in DC and finding things to do outdoors.

Besides trying to get my life together I am passionate about sustainable food, typography, cooking- I am a pescatarian , a good cup of coffee or tea, hiking, reading and engaging in some form of physical activity. I also believe in taking part in your community and giving back to your neighbors. I love that I work in the Chevy Chase neighborhood and engaging withy my neighbors at work-either as a part time nanny or through working at the local café. It gives me a great sense of community and pride.