The Wharf-Washington, D.C.

The Fishery-The Wharf D.C.

This past weekend Mazen and I made our way to the Wharf, being pescatarians this seemed like a fantastic idea to get some fish and enjoy the nice weather.

The wharf is an open air fish market in D.C located at 1100 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024 and stands between the Potomac and the national mall.

The Wharf D.C.

We were able to take the metro there although it was somewhat out of our way, still a fun experience in search of fresh fish and an opportunity to explore.

I must admit, it wasn’t the nicest part of town nor was it the prettiest but it was something special. The fisheries are all floating off the the water, which is pretty neat.


There was a variety of seafood from different vendors and they were steaming crabs on site. There was also food available to buy and eat, including lobster bisque, clam chowder and shucked oysters/clams.

Of course, we couldn’t pass up the oysters especially since there was a line.

This guy was a pro at shucking

Towards the left side in the back area there was a small little enclosing where you could take your recently purchased food and eat, again not the prettiest but nice enough to accommodate you while you scarfed down some oysters.


Mix of salt water and fresh water oysters-salt water were my favorite

What was of most interest was actually not the fish market itself but the huge development that is taking place to the left of the wharf. Apparently its one of the biggest developments occurring in D.C. that will include shops, restaurants, apartments and outdoor areas for seating and walking. Read all about the development at

Phase one is to be completed by October 2017 with a celebration taking place in April.

Tbe wharf for now seems dog friendly and I saw some furry friends along the way.

Fresh Maryland Crabs